Microcosm & Marriage

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Question: Muslim, Why Is One Woman Not Enough?

First off: 

Saved Noah’s family == Minimum Church.



Deut17:17; Matt18:19-20; Teeth; 1Tim2:12; 1Pet3:7; 1Cor7:9;

Acts of Lord Venkateswara & Surely don’t want to go there.

Cf. Matt7:21-24; Jn13:17; Jam1:22; Rom2:1-16

Paul Stands Corrected

On the other hand, the inflexible strict (1Cor13:3; cf. 1Cor9:5) legislation by Paul imposed on both the overseer (1Cor7:7; 1Tim3:2) and the deacon (1Tim3:12) of the Church is hereby overturned based on its undeniable failure. Let alone failed marriages and failed priesthoods, many Christians can tell how they lost a job, were fired, failed to get a promotion, were ousted and ostracized because of the character assassination which was in some way tethered to their faith, as defined by Paul.

If truth (which here is holiness) is in anyway exaggerated it losses its power and is thrown out altogether as a lie. 


The above formula by Lord Jesus Christ is only for the mortal body, for the Father has riches-unspeakable on the other side of reality.



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