“Most Merciful” (Quran24:22). How?

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To the above question an administrator of one of the largest groups on Facebook back-questioned me:

“tell me honestly, do you punish your little children for every wrong they do?

Just answer this simple question”

For which i answered:

“I will not punish my son for all his wrongdoing. But when a son does a wrong against another sibling [(even a hypothetical one)], i will definitely punish to set justice. so… ‘Without the shedding of blood, there is no forgiveness for sins’ (Leviticus, Hebrews).”

To which she said:

“My question was

do you punish your little children for EVERY WRONG they do?

My reply:

“Not for every wrong, as you put it. But for wrongs involving other siblings, i would to fulfil justice.”

Her reply:

“right… so if you can be merciful, why not Allah?
if you can forgive, why not Allah the MERCIFUL?
do you think Allah calls Himself MERCIFUL for show only?

use your brain to think logically”

My reply:

Yes, Allah can be “most merciful” only in Isa al Masih.

Muhammad says in Quran 24:22 that Allah is “ever-forgiving and most-merciful”. For Allah to be most merciful, should He simply wink at our sin and allow us into paradise by the backdoor? Just ponder over that for a minute. If He simply forgives a murderer, for instance, who was not caught on earth by the governing bodies, won’t He be an unjust God? Yes, absolutely! But when Allah Himself provides the sacrifice and pays the penalty for your sin, then He is really the “most-merciful” (Quran 24:22), don’t you think? Indeed! Now, the cross to you has taken on a new meaning than a mere idol. As Apologist Ravi Zacharias puts it, “On the cross, the Love of Allah, the Justice of Allah, and the Mercy of Allah, meet.”

“I am the way the truth, and the life, no one comes to the Father except through me” (Your Isa al Masih).”



But here… you’re redeemed and made 100% holy, like a virgin without spot or blemish:

(BTW, that administrator put me out (blocked me from posting anything more in that group), which is reason why i am posting this here in an effort to still reach out to Muhammadans.)

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